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About This Site

Our Ancestry was developed from the research of the people listed on the Home page, plus many others. Pictures were contributed by family members and restored by me for use on this site. My father, Alan Laurence Hill, started with the Hill family ancestors in the 1980s, collecting the information on paper genealogy forms. He borrowed over 100 old family portraits and had them re-photographed, printed and distributed. His sister, Anna, published a book on the Cadwallader family genealogy.

In 1996 I bought my first scanner and began to work on restoring the pictures. The Internet started to grow very quickly at about that time, and made it possible to do more research without having to travel. I started to computerize all of my father's information using Family Origins software, which later became RootsMagic. Two cousins had done similar work, and provided digital (GEDCOM) files, which were merged with mine.

Now, all these years later, we have a site with the lives of thousands of people recorded, with database searching features to make learning about our families and sharing pictures easy and fun. It is my hope that the younger generations will get involved and continue to add to this treasure that is our legacy. Many thanks to all who have helped!

Larry Hill