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Dr. William H. Leslie (1868 - 1935) in Africa

Dr. Leslie married Clara Rebecca Hill of Milton, Northumberland Co., PA. Clara's mother, Rachel, and sisters Alice and Bessie, raised the children in Milton for a short time while their parents were in Africa. The children were later moved to the Fannie Doane Home for Missionaries’ Children in Granville Twp., Licking Co., OH. The home was completed in 1909. The census for 1910 shows the family living in Lewisburg, PA, so they were probably moved later that year so their parents could return to Africa.

Dr. William H. Leslie Cartoon

Map of the Congo below courtesy of Microsoft MapQuest

This map shows the locations of Banza-Manteke, Matadi, and Vanga, where the Leslies performed their missionary work.

Map - Congo

Vanga Settlement Built in 1912

The Leslies started clearing the land for this settlement on the Kwilu river in 1912.


Clara Rebecca (Hill) Leslie teaching

Clara Hill Leslie