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This site was created to allow family members to share in the knowledge of our family history. It contains over 8800 individuals and 2800 families. It gives some insight to the hardships our ancestors endured to create this great country we all enjoy so much, and often take for granted. Many of these people came here when there was no United States of America, and worked and fought hard for whatever they had. Some became very wealthy and prominent citizens, while others tilled the land and struggled to survive. We all owe our very existence to them. Read their stories with awe and respect for what they created, and share the knowledge of this site with other family members.
Major research contributors:

Mr. A. Laurence Hill, Sr.
Mrs. Anna Supplee (Hill) Baker
Mr. Robert Clinton Baker, Jr.
Mrs. Claudette (Warner) Darling
Mr. A. Laurence Hill, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen Worrell
Elijah Hill
Take a look and enjoy - it's fascinating!!
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